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Economy Arch Series

Economy Arch Series

Economy Arch Series Quantity:

Economy Arch Series of Prestige Econocraft is car wash equipment which is similar to its Pizzazz Arch Series™. This modestly priced car wash equipment offers amazing coverage of foam as well as water to your car wash system.

Available Versions

  • Single water or soap manifold
  • Double water or soap manifolds
  • Triple water or soap manifolds
  • Quadruple water or soap manifolds
  • Combination of any configurations


Capable of applying:

  • Soap / Wax
  • Clear Coat / Sealer wax
  • Drying agent
  • Fresh or reclaimed water
  • Any chemical you prefer


  • Economy Arch (single or two leg arch)
    constructed of 10 gauge square tubing 2” x 2”
  • Optional light tubes available
    (one or two pair) (blue or red)
  • Optional pitched model available
  • 3/4” stainless steel water plumbing
  • Brass water nozzles
  • Schedule 80 clear acrylic foam generator tubes
  • Easy to clean water check valves


  • Equipment Height – 100”
  • Vehicle Clearance – 92”
  • Tunnel Length – 4” to 48”
  • Width – 120”
  • Shipping Weight – 500 to 750 lbs
  • Air – 3 CFM @ 60 PSI
  • Water Nozzles – 10 per line with check valves
    1 GPM standard
  • Light package Available upon request

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