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About Prestige

Prestige car wash equipment has been providing the much-needed services meant for car wash system for service stations in New England from Connecticut and all the way to Vermont.

When you select the car wash equipment of Prestige for your car wash system, we will be with you throughout the course of your planning the car wash system, building it and also for providing training to the people to operate our car wash equipment.

We offer you a complete support and also assist you with any repairs that may be required during the years to come. Furthermore, we also include a state-of-the-art training center for your convenience. Come, get our products now and see how it changes your business!

About Econocraft Worldwide Mfg

Econocraft Worldwide Mfg. Inc has been providing quality car wash equipment and it is undoubtedly the most unsurpassed and durable car wash system in the industry today.

At Econocraft we have been supplying car wash equipment since 1970’s. Econocraft are not only the best quality but are also automated, modestly priced and requires low maintenance. In the long run Econocraft promise to save your money, energy, and effort.

We modernize our equipment constantly to make it compatible with all kinds of new vehicles that are being launched. At Econocraft we always customize our equipment to suit varied car wash system environments as well as any site.

So, you will always find one that suits exactly to your requirements and set up.