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Car Wash Tunnel Equipment - Prestige

Car Wash Tunnel Equipment

This is the age of sophisticated car wash system. The car wash tunnel equipment is a revolutionary advancement and users are happy with the convenience of different kinds of advantages in this process. There are some companies who provide most efficient and faultless service to car owners to achieve complete satisfaction.

The competent automatic wash process involves a tunnel with an array of equipment to take care of different parts of a car for absolute cleaning with the help of the conveyor belt system. It includes soft brushes, high pressure water jets, soap and polishing ingredients and an air dryer.

The latest car wash tunnel equipment is a portion of the entire modern system with triple foaming regulators for the protection of the paint, tire shining, rinsing with soft water before it finally goes for heat drying. Your car is in for the best service in a modern car wash equipment unit.

Car washing services are installed with ultra-modern machines with several additional accessories such as the wrap-around brushing, cloth-friction brushing, tire-washing and several other systems with complete system process with rollers, conveyors, water jets, heating systems to offer top class service to car owners without any manual labor involvement. These units are created by high quality designers and engineers who are well qualified in this area of scientific development.