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How To Request A Quote

Thank You for visiting Prestige Car Wash Equipment, your exclusive Econocraft dealer in New England.

To request a quote on any of the products listed throughout the web site simply add the product to the cart and complete the steps to checkout. The store will generate an invoice that you can print for your records or if you opted to create an account the store will keep a copy of your requested items under the MY ACCOUNT area.

Once your request has been submitted a Prestige Customer Representative will contact you to discuss. If you require more immediate assistance please call (508) 499-WASH

Below are a few tips on how you can best utilize our web site.

  • Creating An Account
    Creating an account on our web site is optiona
    l although by doing so our web site will keep a historical record of all items that you have requested a quote on.  You also won't have to re-enter your personal information each time you request a quote.
  • PDF Downloads
    All Conveyor Systems include related downloable documents in PDF format from Econocraft which you can download and save to your computer, or you can open to view within your browser.
  • Print Friendly Pages
    All web pages are Print Friendly and will print only the information on the page and not the entire web site design.
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