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Surface Conveyor

Surface Conveyor


As part of car wash equipment, Prestige Econocraft supplies Surface conveyors. These are designed for a car wash system requiring no widespread concrete work. Besides, this car wash equipment has unique characteristics and it is easy to maintain.


  • Air ride cushion for chain
  • Smooth and quiet entrance and exit door operation
  • Automatic heavy duty hydraulic chain tensioner (air / oil) for constant and accurate chain tension prolongs chain life
  • Grease fittings located above the pit for single point one-step bearing lubrication
  • Top access doors for easy maintenance
  • Roller wear strips standard
  • Heavy duty direct drive Heco gear box
  • 2 1/2” air cylinder for roller up
  • On demand roller up feature available for front or rear wheel push

Chain & Rollers

  • Standard 5/8” steel log chain
  • Standard 13’ 6” roller spacing
  • Standard steel wheel rollers prevent premature
    roller wear caused by debris on tire plate surface


  • Standard painted steel
  • 13” wide tire guide
  • Constructed of 5/16” top plate / tire guide
  • Utilizes standard 4 tooth & drum sprocket
  • 1/2” uhmw drivers side safety curb rail protects the rims
  • Unique flush holes for debris clean off


  • Hydraulic power pack
  • Sized to specific conveyor lengths


  • Vehicle Clearance – 4 1/2”
  • Recommended conveyor pit depth – 14” entrance / 22” exit
  • Shipping Weight – 1150 lbs Per 10’ Section
  • Air – 2 CFM @ 120 PSI

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