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What you should know about car wax and polish

Maintenance of cars is a tiresome job no doubt, but when one owns a car it has to be maintained or it will wear faster than usual. No car owner would like to drive a dull dirty car down a busy road. Why do people make choices with the style and brand of their car? It is purely to attract the attention of the onlookers and fellow travelers along the road. Hence the need to maintain a perfectly clean and shiny car is mandatory.

Regular car washes help

To keep a car shiny always one does not have to paint it all the time, it is enough if one washes it once a week and applies a wax and polish coat to give it that newest look as it was on the day one rolled it out of the showroom.

A little warm water and a spray gun with a sponge would work wonders in washing a car wash equipment. It is important that one chooses to wash one’s car in the garage or under cover since the sun may have an effect on the paint. One can spray the warm water over the car till it is entirely wet thus removing any dust particles stick to the paint.

This done, the sponge and the car wash solution can be put to use to make a perfectly clean car. The next step is the most important to dry the car. For this purpose one should use a terry cloth towel or a piece of chamois that will make the drying process simple and effective.

The difference between car wax and polish

One may wonder what difference wax and polish has. There is a slight difference between car wax and polish. While polish is a slightly coarse substance wax is much more softer and it is used to protect the paint finish while at the same time it fills tiny dents in the paint that gives the car the required shine. Hence wax is the final job in polishing a car.

Polishing is used when the paint on the car has dimmed due to oxidation, especially colors like red turn a dull pink with frequent exposure to the sun, dirt and grime that settle on the car with frequent use. Polishing enhances the appearance of the otherwise dull car. Frequent polishing would remove the undercoat of paint and it will have to be taken for a re-spray once in a while.

The perfection of waxing

The method of waxing cars had been a far fetched dream to earlier car owners who found it impossible to get the required finish on their car to match the ones in the exhibitions. This craze can be wiped out of one’s mind with the modern technology where the production of car wax has been enhanced and its accessibility increased as well. Anyone can have the best waxing applied to their car to get that spectacular shine like a brand new car.

Since waxing plays a major role in the outer appearance of one’s car extra precaution should be taken when choosing the right quality of wax. Choosing any wax that is cheap could prove fatal to the car’s existing paint and polish. The equipment meant to polish and wax one’s car should be properly selected with the help of a car polish expert.

The results of good polishing and car maintenance

While choosing the type of polish it is advisable to select that which does not leave a white mist behind on drying. A buffer should be used while polishing to avoid unnecessary stains and scratches that are stubborn and do not leave with just polishing. Polishing does not have to be done frequently but in intervals of one year is sufficient to keep the car looking new and the paint well protected.

While cleaning or waxing or even polishing the car one should not use a towel or a diaper material. These tend to allow dust particles to get trapped on them and leave scratches on the paint. One can use a micro fiber cloth and apply car polish at least twice.

Car windows need car wax and not car polish to be applied lightly and then well buffed for that complete finish. The same can be attempted with the windshield as well. It will bring out a perfect appearance and view during rain or snowy seasons. Maintain your car well and get the envy of others while you drive down the road.

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