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How to get the most out of your Car wash equipments

Car wash is as essential as car maintenance. In fact it is part of maintenance. Cars should be washed and cleaned regularly to avoid unwanted breakdowns when you are in a hurry to get moving. Cleaning a car by oneself is always a pleasure but in today’s busy lifestyle no one has much time to stay around cleaning one’s own car.

At the same time, people may think of having this car wash business as a full time or a part time business. Surely one opting for this would definitely have an idea of what is the equipment required for this purpose. But if one has no idea, there still is a chance to gain information from the internet.

Set up your own Car wash

If you are planning to have your own car wash workshop it is a good idea but a bit risky too. There are many things to be considered and purchased to start one. No one would want to have a car wash station just to maintain one’s own car. Surely it would be for the purpose of business. Hence the best car wash equipments should be chosen if the business should progress well.

Well, the main car wash equipments that one would need are a nice soft bristle brush but most of all the most important equipment is the conveyor. Only with the conveyor you can move the car through the different stages of washing. The correlating conveyor ensures that the car is safely placed on the conveyor.

Most important equipments

Besides these the next in importance is the high-pressure car wash equipment. This is used to release foam, water and soap onto the car that is meant for washing. A special spray method is adopted and through this every nook and corner of the car gets completely cleaned and comes out looking as good as new. This is the main objective of having a vehicle cleaned.

High pressure equipments for cleaning specific parts of any vehicle like under chassis wash; rinse, arch, eliminator wheel cleaner and foam hawk are used to clean the entire vehicle. Together with these to clean the sides and the tires, foam brushes and wash curtains together with the tunnel systems are put to use.

The tunnel system plays a vital role in the progress of the car wash system. While the conveyor passes through the tunnel system bearing the vehicle, it is cleaned by the underbody wash, top brushes, air dryers and various other cleaning Car Wash Systems that are available.

All these equipments are fitted at different points in the tunnel system and the car passes through these one at a time and finally comes out clean. Finally the tunnel system uses soft cloth to clean dry the washed parts of the vehicle to give it that new look.

The support group of equipments

Apart from the high pressure equipment, other support wash systems like washer extractors, air compressors, vacuums, hydraulic power packs, and water reclaim systems, hot water heaters and high and low-pressure pump stations are put to use in the cleaning of a vehicle, according to its size.

It is not enough to buy all this equipment they should be properly put to use by a heavy power source and a control system for a smooth functioning. With this control system the car wash is completed automatically with the required pressure and density of the compression that is essential for each vehicle type.

At the same time for one who just wants to have a perfect car wash with no hassles, the ‘self serve’ system is readily available just with the drop of a coin. Your car gets cleaned using all the required equipment like pressure sprayers, foaming brushes, and many other tools that are fitted inside where the car is cleaned.

A piece of advice

You can do your own settings for whichever type of car cleaning is required. The disadvantage is that a few more coins need to be dropped in while the cleaning is in process since the time taken to clean one vehicle sometimes is longer than the time programmed for each coin. However, it is worth the attempt.

To have a perfectly clean car the best car wash equipments should be put to use. This can be done at frequent intervals to have a well maintained and perfectly cleaned car that would give a beautiful appearance.

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