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Industrial Control Panel

Industrial Control Panel

Industrial Control Panel Quantity:

Prestige Econocraft’s Industrial Control Panel is a car wash equipment for managing the on and off functions of electric car wash system. This car wash equipment is generally wired at factory in advance to cut down on extra wiring charges.


  • Pre-wired at the factory, eliminating expensive electrical tradesman costs and additional on-site wiring
  • Houses the equipment motor starters and electrical
    control computer relay boxes
  • All controls presented in a well-organized, orderly layout that utilizes a minimum of space
  • Individually wired to meet your specific tunnel wash needs


  • Housed in a 12/13 type protective steel enclosure
  • Large forward-opening doors


  • Electric
  • Siemens motor starters
  • Telemechanic / Square D motor starters optional


  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Standard Height – 72”
  • Standard Width – 48”
  • Standard Shipping Weight – 600 lbs

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