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High Pressure Robotic Arch

High Pressure Robotic Arch

High Pressure Robotic Arch Quantity:

This car wash equipment of Prestige Econocraft has been designed for robotic washing of vehicles of varied contours and sizes in a car wash system. This car wash equipment can be availed in different combinations of water spray.


  • Available in a variety of water spray combinations
  • Robotically cleans front, sides, hood, windows
    and bumpers of the vehicle
  • Independent hydraulic motors used to oscillate
    the water manifolds
  • Heavy duty air cylinder positions water spray manifolds
  • 12 brass nozzles per each stainless steel manifold bar
  • Available in single or twin pumping configurations
  • Available with 10 HP or 15 HP motors
  • Low water level safety shut off switch
  • Motor is mounted on an adjustable base which makes belt tightening simple
  • Pressure gauge and bi pass regulator for easy adjustments
  • Utilizes fresh or reclaimed water
  • No grease uhmw self lubricating bushings
  • No electric eyes


  • Arch frame constructed of 4” x 4” 10-gauge tubing
    stainless steel #304
  • Free standing
  • Pump frame constructed of 2” x 2” 10-gauge tubing
  • Water reservoir tank constructed of 14-gauge
    stainless steel #304


  • 10 HP or 15 HP Hydro Cel pump standard
  • General pump, Cat pump optional (Fresh water only)
  • Hydraulically operated
  • Air operated


  • Equipment Height – 9’ 6”
  • Vehicle Clearance – 102”
  • Tunnel Length – 36”
  • Inside Width – 110”
  • Shipping Weight – 1200 lbs & up
  • 2 HP hydraulic power pack for 2 or 3 motors unit (3 GPM @ 400 PSI)
  • Air – 2 CFM @ 60 PSI
  • Water – 1” stainless steel lines
  • Three spray manifold with 36 zero degree nozzles utilizing 15 HP motor 21 GPM
  • Two spray manifold with 24 zero degree nozzles utilizing 10 HP motor 21 GPM

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