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How to choose the right car wash equipment


An efficient car wash system is an assembly of complex car wash equipment irrespective of its nature, that is, automatic or semi-automatic. The market is full of car wash equipments. These need to be selected according to the requirement of the unit.

The most important matter is the allocation of the budget of the car wash equipment. This part will look after the consideration of several equipments, which you will require in establishing a competent and full fledged car wash unit. Reputed manufacturers and dealers supply high quality equipments which guarantee efficient working of the car wash process and attract negligible fund on their maintenance.

The basic requirement

The first important accessory for an efficient car wash is the conveyor system. This is the life line of the entire car wash process. It starts operating from the beginning to take the car from one stage to another for proper washing purposes. The related attachment, correlator ensures smooth movement of the car on the conveyor system.

For fully automatic unit, the provision for the high pressure car wash equipment has to be incorporated to complete the entire washing process within a very small time. The work of the high pressure equipment is performed with water and soap with foam from diverse directions to clean the car thoroughly. There is the system of a complete package of high pressure equipment that can be availed by the operators. This package is available directly from the manufacturer or authorized dealers of the manufacturer of the equipment. You should always go for a famous brand for such package deals.

There are various other equipments which are installed to support the system of car wash. They are hydraulic power jacks, air compressors, heating arrangements, condensers and vacuum pumps. The entire system runs of electrical power which should be reliable and well controlled. The fully automatic system requires a digitally control panel to serve the system efficiently.

Most of the equipment should be purchased after understanding the reputation of the manufacturer and their history of efficiency. Since they are all expensive equipments, you should consult a few companies to have the best and profitable package or deal from the suppliers of equipment.

Going automatic

If you decide to make an automatic bay, you must consult an expert to plan out the layout and gather practical advice to make it cost friendly. If you have enough space and good amount of traffic, you can organize to make an automatic car wash.

The time is proper to make the automatic bay configuration and the equipment that you will need to complete the system. You should always have an eye on the investment part and the related return so that you can earn potential profit from the new endeavor. You should look into the financial side of it and the arrangement of funds.

You must not disturb the existing line of business that you are enjoying currently. You should be sanguine that there is enough electrical power available to back up your new project. The building should be matching with the size of the project, which should be pre-planned. The experts will advice accordingly about planning of equipment, installation and commissioning of the unit. Once this is done, you should enquire about the needful materials like the spare parts to run the car wash undisturbed for a long period to generate revenue for you.

Product inclusions

Galvanized conveyors, safe rolling correlator, surface conveyors, pre-wash applicator arches with arch attachments, floor mounted bumper applicators, multiple nozzle positioning systems, bug cleaning arch and high pressure gun unit are some important accessories. You need the friction wash unit with brushes, mitters, washers and wrap- arounds. You should have foaming applicators, rinsing systems, air drying system containing blowers and driers.

Creating the efficient car wash

It is a tough work to organize a competent car wash with economical viability. You have to give your hundred percent in selecting on equipments so that the efficiency improves day by day with increased traffic everyday. You will be successful in your venture and there will be potential profits from your mission. The choice of a reputed manufacturer or a dealer will in many ways save you from problems in installation and running the unit successfully. The key elements are correct equipments, reputed suppliers and expert consultant advice.

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