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Going Green with Car Wash Equipment

Going green is not only the trend in the car wash equipments, it has spread like wild fire throughout the globe and most people have and will go green in everything that they manufacture and use. It is mandatory that people should start going green and make the environment an eco-friendly place to live in. If this is not done even now, then humans would be affected by more and more unknown viruses that could harm and even kill them faster than usual.

The car wash industry has realized this need in 2007 but however not much could be done at that time since it was limited only to a few American customers who wanted to have their cars washed with eco friendly car wash equipment. In this way water, chemical and energy is saved.

This initiative has grown faster and many people have opted for an eco friendly car wash. What was only by way of word became a reality and spread throughout making it possible for thousands of cars to be washed in an eco friendly way.

Past Experience of green awareness

People in the earlier years had no idea about what was happening to the environment with the use of the many chemicals and other products that were used for manufacture, cleaning and washing etc. They just used whatever resources were available on the earth not thinking of the tomorrow. They did not have any idea of saving for the future and hence ‘going green’ was never a term that they had heard of.

In the present world today

Everyone has noticed that the resources that were available in abundance have slowly dwindled to little or nothing at all. If we do not save the little resources that we have today there will be nothing at all for the future generations and life would become extremely bleak.

Hence the people of today have created awareness in the minds of all that there should be an eco-friendly drive in everything that we do. Car wash is one of the industries that use much water for the purpose. Water is precious and needs to be saved for future use.

Green Car Wash software in the future

The introduction of software to do the car wash job is a boon to the car washing industry. With this software the use of water can be reduced and the chemicals too can be reduced with each wash cycle. It can monitor electrical circuits and reduce power that will otherwise be used if motors were operated.

Today car wash manufacturers emphasize on manufacturing environmentally friendly equipment and supplies that would benefit today and in the future. The future manufacturing of any equipment would be eco friendly and this would be mandatory.

Anyone found manufacturing products that are not eco friendly would be fined high or even be thrown out of business. Within a period of time this would come into effect either by political policy or by consumer policy.

Power and Water Savings by going green

Power and water could be saved in time with the green car wash equipment that is available today. Manufacturers of drying systems for the car wash industry have started to manufacture several units with reduced horse power which decreases the energy cost and adopts an eco friendly carwash.

The energy used to raise the ramp while doing a car wash is also reduced by 80 percent. Water powered chemical dispensers known as earth friendly injectors, work like air pumps using the flow of water already used for a car wash. This too is a eco friendly method of conserving water and energy.

Proper planning and co-operation with one another could help have a greener environment in the years to come. All manufacturers and constructors should join hands in this venture, which they have done already, and make this world a better place to live in.

If man makes up his mind nothing is impossible and not only a green car wash industry but also a green environment and a green future is not far off. It could be right here at this very moment if every one of us join hands together and work towards going green and saving the environment from further damage.

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