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Compare touch less car wash equipment to all brushes tunnel


The main aim of a car wash unit is to clean up the exterior of a vehicle and rarely the inside a car. Several methods are applied for car wash throughout the world. The mechanized car wash with brushes is sometimes not liked by car owners due the possibility of damages they make on the finish of the car paint or body. There has been a marked development in the quality of paint that sustains smaller injuries on it and simultaneously the quality of brushes has also improved over the years. There is practically no chance of any damage on the finish of the car now in the mechanized all brush car wash. It is a good competitor to the touch less car wash with cell foam facility.
In the modern era, the car wash is done with soap and many other cleansing liquids which contain mild alkalis and acids. They are effective against the impacted dirt under the car and clean the car efficiently. The recent regulations are stricter and operators are required to reuse the water or treat the discharge effectively to maintain discharge water permits.

Mechanical car wash

This conveyor system of car wash has tunnel like bays, wherein the cars are taken by the customers and they make the payments through automatic cashier. The entire mechanism is run by a master computer control. The car is taken to the conveyor and the tires have to pass through tire sensors. This helps the car wash systems control to identify the exact position of tires for better washing. The car is sent to the tunnels by the pushing of rollers. It passes through a detector, which estimates the length of the vehicle and the master computer control is able to plan the washing process of the specific car. An efficient car wash tunnel has several pieces of devises to make a thorough washing of a car. Primarily the car enters the pre-soak arches for soaking of the car with chemical and other liquid solutions.

In the next compartment, other useful liquids are applied to loosen the brake dust and other impacted dirt under the basement of the car. The next one takes up the bumpers and sides with clothes like ribbons hanging and tire brushes for the wheels and tires. The rocker brush assembly makes its own movement with top brushes so that the car gets proper brush cleaning.

The next phase consists of brushes and wraparounds once again including the high pressure nozzles to clean wheels and tires and the final passing through the triple foams. Most of the car wash in the earlier stage around the end of the last century contained rotating brushes, which had the nylon bristles. They left deposit on the finish of the car paint and left brush marks. Brushes have developed and are now available in softer cloth, which do no harm car paints any more. Instead the soft cloth adds glaze to the car finish. The new “touch less” technique was created later on. This is the process where no brushes are used for the car wash and instead, high pressure water is employed to do the job of cleaning the dirt under the car. This system has some doubts regarding the cleaning of impacted dirt due to the absence of any friction of the brush with the metal under the floor of the car.

Current improvement

The improved brush is a closed cell foam brush. This one does not catch any dirt or water and is not likely to make any ill effect on the paint of the car. On the contrary, it offers a shinier look to the car and you will find a polishing effect on your car.


The difference between the friction based car wash and the touch less car wash equipment is that the former wash uses brushes and other articles to clean a car where as the touch less system uses chemicals and high pressure water for the car wash.


Since a car is a big investment, you should take care of the car and the car wash is the most important aspect of the maintenance routine. Next time, give your car a proper car wash with the advantage of friction based technology to get rid of impacted dirt undercarriage.


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