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How is the US car wash equipment market different from Europe?

Car washing as an industry

Car washing is treated as a different methodology in US and Europe. This is a reflection of the difference in cultural background and the economic status, which play important role in the management of the car washing industry. Fortunately the differences in these two aspects are becoming negligible and the industries in both the countries are trying to woo customers with competent services.

Background of the car wash industry

The experience of the large-scale car washing industry both in Europe and US is more or less same. During the earlier period, the industry required large space for long tunnels where car washing was performed with the help of conveyer driven in the car wash equipment. The European part started to bring massive changes in the attitude of the industry with advanced technologies which could work with less labor and space involvement. Accordingly, car washing industry was designed to perform with fewer inventories and lesser man power. It addressed the cause of environmental sanctity and conservation of energy.

The industry in the US, did not feel any pressure due to the social or economical reasons during the initial period. The reflection of the attitude was evident in the designing of car washing industries which were heavy duty models for high-end customers without any tint of economical crunch.

The European Market

Incidentally, the circumstances at that period in Europe compelled the car wash industry to review the high charges they were charging from customers after the effect of World War II. Europeans evolved the efficient car washing technique due to several factors. The economy was not in a good shape and there was price hike in every sphere. The energy requirements were costlier, price rise of petrol, electricity, the labor cost, and cost of water, effluent management system, and other social securities and so on. The increased rate of car washing industry was not acceptable to the customers as they did not have enough disposable funds to meet enhanced cost. This led the innovative designing of efficient, affordable technology for the car washing industry in Europe.


The technology of conveyor-driven systems accepts the presence of the consumer inside the car, while the car washing process is on. It is done with lightweight foam brushes and horizontal brushes with electronic controls with high pressure drying methods. Drying is done with tiny motors with the techniques involving up-to-date software based on photocell technique. There is no need of drying at the exit point

The rollovers are mostly touch free method except for high pressure cleaning at the beginning. The high pressure mist takes out the clotted dirt from the car and the vehicle is given a perfect polishing with different brushes from many angles as per the specific shape of a car by the help of sensors during the touch based process. Several high pressure nozzles, lightweight brushes clean the car efficiently from all directions with minimum requirement of power. The innovative design provides a super quality car wash, drying and polish to the customers ‘satisfaction at an affordable rate.

The Market in United States

The second half of the last century, the car washing industry bore rich profits for many car washing industry owners. The automatic car wash systems were used by most of the oil companies who offered free car washing services for purchase of goods or gasoline from their stores. It was possible due to easy availability of space, labor and concerned machines in cheaper rates. The industry expanded with the growth and development of areas and the economy as a whole and the use of self-service car washing became popular. Owners found this immensely profitable as an industry.

The conveyer-washing systems employed heavy duty cleaning machines in big spaces and made good show of the industry. They required huge resource of water, powerful drying systems, and additives, polishing materials, conditioners and labor to create enhanced profits for the owner. The early development of the touch based systems with air, brush arrangements; hydraulics had some complaints of damaging vehicles. They used to consume huge energy with the use of heavy powerful machines.


The use of soft cloth, electronic control systems and automatic touch -based technology has given optimum results. The touch-based technology of today has earned the reputation of first class service in car washing industry. Better type of touch-based methods have been created with the use of hot water, chemicals, fault free rinsing, rotating sprays and other sophisticated software for high class cleaning and drying results. Consumers are getting the best service and worth of the cost they are paying for car washing.

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