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Employment and Career Opportunities in the Car Wash Business

It is a fact that there are employment and career opportunities in the car wash business. Going into history; one will know that car wash owners exploited the cheap Hispanic and illegal immigrant workers. This had continued for more than four decades. car wash equipment business is a rewarding and exciting profession. This profession provides personal satisfaction to the owners.

These induced the owners to start mobile car wash in their local locality with some restrained success. For the equipments alone; they will spend around $3,000-$5,000. Use of internet for the development of this business is commonly seen in US. Owners have laser car wash also in this trade.

The composition of your business

Car wash business need only a manager and a minimum of two workers and these will keep the car wash business in operation. Big business owners (in large busy car washes) employ eight workers or more, beside a manager.

Car wash business specializes in fast services and hence the workers should execute their jobs quickly and steadily. Team cooperation will be given the most attention. Cars are driven onto the washing-machine tracks, in good order and ascertain that washing continues without problems.

Some workers will carry on drying and polishing of the cars and some will look after the vacuum-cleaning the rugs and upholstery. Some owners employ cashiers for collecting the money and while some others use their workers for this collection, in order to speed up the services.

Some car washing stations do car waxing and sell gas, in addition. Managers are entrusted with the responsibilities of hiring and supervising workers. Safety standards and other logistic provisions are also entrusted to the Managers.

How to sort the applicants

Job seekers will apply directly to local car wash managers. High school students are given part-time jobs. And experienced workers can apply for cashier or assistant manager positions. Openings, on a regular basis, will occur when workers become managers, or resign and take promotional posts, somewhere in other companies.
Weather play vital role in Car Wash Systems business. On rainy season, business will be dull. Whereas, in clear skies; workers will be engaged busy and will experience hectic days. In general, work will be tedious for them.

Employers are expected to work eight hours a day. In some big car washing companies, rotating shifts are employed. Managers are expected to work (sometimes) more than eight hours a day. 

The issue of payment and allowances

Salaries of the employees depend on the location of the car wash business. In U.S., $8.41 per hour is the average pay of the workers. For Managers, pay will be, in a significant manner, more.

To save customers’ time and money; other unique car wash businesses have sprung which is “Eco Friendly”. Traditional wet wash operations, mixing both wet and dry washes, are employed in these car wash businesses. And for such businesses, unique waterless products are manufactured by some companies using spray-wipe-clean formulation.

Such companies maintain their trade secret formula and dominate the markets, as they wash without blurring or blotching, exiting an impertinent polished finish on the paintwork.

The workers in these types of car wash businesses will be given extensive training in the new technology of cleaning and maintain precision of service. Such car wash businesses are environmentally safe, as no effluent impacts are left. This technology gives opportunity for more skilled employment in the car wash businesses.

Buy the best and cost efficient products

Car cleaning products that do not need water are plenty in the markets. This mobile car wash business can be done anywhere. Another technology and expertise, in these car wash businesses, is also available. In such types, waste water is not generated because abundant steam is used for washing.

Steam car washer products are offered with after service and quality assurances. They have a lot of steam jet volume and steam-vacuum interior cleaning (with sterilization). In steam car washer products, two types are in the market. One fixed F type and the other Movable M type.

Fixed F type has boiler water, automatically filled into the water tank, in the machine with connections of 16 mm water hose. Car wash business owners, who do business in fixed places, can utilize such type.

In Movable M type, the boiler water needs to be filled into the tank by hand. In one filling, around 20 liters of clean water has to be filled and this is sufficient to clean 4 or 5 cars. 


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