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A-OK is a car wash equipment and supply company which was started by Mr. Douglas B. McLain. Right from its establishment in the year 1979, A-OK has been dedicated to the production car wash equipment which is durable as well as reliable and that too at competitive rates. A-OK provides a full range of car wash equipment which is automatic as well as self-service type. The car washes of A-OK are touch-less automated. Such equipment for car wash has a performance which is time-honored and the company is known for its equipment with best quality cleaning results.

The car wash systems of A-OK are comparatively less costly in terms of their operation and are therefore capable of generating higher income. Besides, as a result of the superior durability of our equipment the maintenance costs will be less. Moreover, due to the greater clearance of our systems of car wash it can be utilized for almost all kinds of vehicles. Over the years we have built a reputation of manufacturing car wash equipments of the best quality and this has contributed largely towards our success. We never give our clients any reason to complain in so far as the quality of our car wash equipments is concerned