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Unitec Electronics

Unitec Electronics was established in 1983 for the development of a discreet code entry system that was meant to be used in the car wash equipment market. Today, Unitec Electronics is one of the most renowned manufacturers of car wash entry systems. Besides producing car wash equipments, Unitec Electronics also design auto cashier equipments for the car wash market.

Unitec Electronics has rendered the task of the car wash operators easier with their payment systems. Their equipments have ushered in flexibility with their premier line of customized entry systems. These entry systems consist of EZ Trak, Portal TI, Wash Select II and Wash Select II POS.

Customer interface has always been prioritized by Unitec Electronics. During the launch of the car wash entrance system, Enterlink, in 1994, Unitec Electronics introduced features like buy up prompt message, recordable voice messages and graphic displays. Some of the most advanced software and hardware needed by car wash operators have been designed by Unitec.

As a company driven by needs of the customers, Unitec Electronics manufacturers products that are easy to use and yet have the latest technologies. Their products are durable and reliable, making them one of the most preferred brands when it comes to car wash entry systems.