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UniMac has carved a niche for itself in the commercial laundry industry. They manufacture high quality and durable heavy duty industrial equipments. The products of UniMac including car wash equipment stand the test of time and prove to be wise investments.

One of the most popular hotels of Las Vegas, Casino Royale, uses UniMac products in its laundry and this bears testimony to the quality of the products. A story was featured on the American Laundry News Web site called Casino Royale Goes “All In” on Laundry Room Redesign. With the aid of A.J. Industries, a UniMac distributor, Casino Royale revamped its laundry system. Three UniMac commercial dryers weighing 75 pounds each and three UniMac washer extractors weighing 55 pounds each have been installed.

UniMac presents a three dimensional representation of the customer’s laundry layout. The various products of UniMac include Tumble Dryers, Ironers (Flatwork Finishers), Light Commercial Washers and Dryers, Washer Extractors and Fireman’s PPE Systems.

UniMac had decided to go green with some of their products. Few of their washer extractors use the UniLinc Control technology that reduces the consumption of water and gas. Power consumption is also relatively less and it recycled materials are used in it.