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Spencer Turbine Co.

Spenser Turbine Co. has been in existence since 1892. For more than a century, Spenser Turbine Co. has blended innovative techniques with advanced engineering designs to handle air and gas related issues. Spenser Turbine Co. is also a manufacturer of central vacuum systems, car care vacuum systems, self-contained vacuum systems and vacuum separators in the car wash equipment.

Blowers and gas boosters produced by Spenser Turbine Co. are used in numerous municipal, commercial, industrial and institutional applications all over the world. The kinds of blowers manufactured include Vortex Regenerative Blowers, Multistage Fabricated Blowers, Single Stage Fabricated Blowers, Power Mizer cast Blowers along with Specially featured Blowers meant for unusual situations.

Spenser Turbine Co. manufactures car wash vacuums for a variety of car care systems. These car care vacuum systems are used in washing several rental cars and for the maintenance of municipal transit systems. Detailing of cars is done so that they are made ready for auctions. The vacuum systems of Spenser Turbine Co. are immensely helpful in vacuuming cars at car wash units. The products of Spenser Turbine Co. are made in a way that they can handle work load. There are provisions for dirt collection, separation of liquids and conserving energy. Accessories, tools, vacuum hoses and other electrical parts are also available at Spenser Turbine Co.