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Sonnys Car Wash Equipment

Sonny’s Car Wash Equipment is known as the best in the business. They have proved their mettle with the conveyorized car wash units. Their units and parts are sold all over the world. Sonny’s Car Wash Equipment had an annual turnover of $60 million and has become the undisputed ruler in the car wash industry. According to an independent survey conducted in the United States, Sonny’s Car Wash Equipment has 28 percent market share. This is two times the share of the second largest share holder. The other rival companies are not even close to the sales of Sonny’s Car Wash Equipment. If a customer goes according to the market standards, Sonny’s Car Wash Equipment is the best.

Why is Sonny’s Car Wash Equipment the best? They are dedicated to their customers and believe in going that extra mile to satisfy them. The customer care support is excellent. The personal mobile phone numbers of the owners of Sonny’s Car Wash Equipment are enlisted in their website. Potential customers can approach them directly for clearing any doubt about the company’s products and services. With 60 years’ of experience and the best and most affordable prices in the industry, Sonny’s Car Wash Equipment is the obvious choice of customers.