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Raypak was founded in 1947 by Al Whittel. Since then it has been ruling the boilers and heaters manufacturing industry for more than 50 years. They are one of the best manufacturers of finned heaters and boilers. The company had a very humble beginning in a garage in South California. Now the products of Raypak are supplied worldwide. Raypak’s first manufacturing unit was in El Monte of California and now they have manufacturing units at Canada, Oxnard, Toronto, California and England in the car wash equipment.
With the increase in the demand of copper fin boilers in various industries including car wash equipments, in 1970 Raypak relocated in Westlake Village of California. The following thirty years was marked by the expansion of the company. Raypak surpassed the huge 151,000 square foot plant in Westlake. The company had to move to a bigger 235,000 square foot plant in 2000 in Oxnard in California. This chief manufacturing unit is now Raypak’s headquarters. The cutting edge technologies used by Raypak is expected to hike the sales.
Raypak has always emphasized on the high standard of their products. They ensure that their designs conserve energy and are reliable. The company was registered to ISO 9001 in 1996 and became the first manufacturer of boilers to attain such high registration levels.