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Pro Equipment Co., Inc.

Pro Equipment Company will make its services available to all car washes irrespective of their location. For more than 20 years Pro Equipment Company has manufactured the most remarkable car wash equipment and systems in the industry. The motive of Pro Equipment Company is to use the least number of moving parts in the car wash unit. They have never compromised on the quality of the parts used in their systems. However, the parts are such that they can be easily replaced. So if any part of the otherwise durable car wash system wears out, its replacement is easily available. One can find the parts in most of the local hardware stores. This, in turn, means that the unit is not left useless for a long time.

The car wash systems of Pro Equipment Company are sold in 45 states. Till now, the company has sold over 3000 self serviced and automatic car wash systems with satisfactory results. Pro Equipment Company is constantly trying to devise ways of serving their customers better. Car wash operators generate impressive profits while customers return home content. The self serviced units are very popular as it works 24x7 and no customers are ever turned down regardless of the time.