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Next Filtration Technologies, Inc

Established in 2004, Next Filtration Technologies, Inc. is located in NV’s Incline Village. The present condition of the company has enabled it make an annual turnover of $510,000. Next Filtration Technologies, Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of world class filtration media in the car wash equipment.
One of the most popular products of Next Filtration Technologies, Inc is next-ScaleStop. It is an excellent alternative to traditional water treatments and other water softening methods. This filtration media does not require any maintenance and is suitable for commercial and foodservice applications. It has proved to be very useful for dishwashing, in coffee and tea brewers, streamers and proffers and espresso machines in the foodservice department. Industrial uses include laundries, car wash equipments, and in hospitals and hotels. next-ScaleStop is also used in homes with brackish water. It decreases soap usage and makes clothes cleaner. Scale formation can be avoided during dishwashing with the use of next-ScaleStop. Water heaters are also protected from scales. It retains the essential minerals in drinking water and avoids the addition of chemicals like sodium.
next-Sand is another media filtration technology used in irrigation, cooling towers, polishing of waste water, recycling and reclaiming of carwash, removal of precipitated metals and RO pretreatment.