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Motor City Wash Works

Motor City Wash Works Inc. was established in 2004 by Bob Wentworth, Lee Belanger and Richard Belanger. Having spent considerable time in the car wash equipment industry, the founders knew how to set up a successful car wash unit company. Motor City Wash Works Inc. mainly manufactures car wash equipments and units. The company has gained immense popularity in a short span of 5 years.

Customers opt for Motor City Wash Works Inc. as they find high quality car wash equipments, units and accessories. The products available at Motor City Wash Works Inc. are also very cost effective and even customers with a tight budget can afford it. The products of Motor City Wash Works Inc. are also meant for retail buyers. Motor City Wash Works Inc. is a very useful place for Sales and Service Organizations as a wide variety of supplies, tools, wash materials, accessories and replacement parts are available.

Motor City Wash Works Inc. is very proud of its dedicated group of employees. They are professionals experienced and trained in the car wash industry. Not only do customers get high quality products but also have the option of making quick orders. The delivery is prompt and accurate.