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Mosmatic is a premier company in cleaning and high pressure technology. They cater to individual as well as commercial needs of the clients. Washing of cars, buses, trucks are done with utmost accuracy. The main key to the success of Mosmatic is design, high quality and longevity.

A complete line of car wash equipment are found in Mosmatic. Among the things available at Mosmatic are mat holders, guns, brushes, brush buckets, brush wands, lance holders and lances. The walls and ceilings of the car wash units of Mosmatic are made of stainless steel, making them more durable. The Self Serve Maker uses the Mosmatic Z Boom, a patent of Mosmatic. The complete movement of 360 degrees of the foam brush and the high pressure wand is possible only because of the Z Boom. This feature cannot be found in any other car wash unit. Mosmatic also uses the double boom option in case of a pre-wash in automatic car washes. Both the booms are used simultaneously for enhanced cleaning of the car. The booms of Mosmatic are not only used in the car wash industry but also as the Pressure Transporter for air pressure, cold water and hot water.