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Joseph Gartland, Inc.

Joseph Gartland, Inc. has been providing its services from 1949 for car wash equipment. Almost all the 50 states, Europe, Caribbean, Canada and Mexico continue to be benefitted by the services of Joseph Gartland, Inc. Today car wash operators swear by the services and products by Joseph Gartland, Inc. But when the company took off in the late 1940s, it is a small business. Joseph Gartland, Inc had a humble beginning in one of the basements of Philadelphia. The success story of Joseph Gartland, Inc is a rags to riches one. Joseph Gartland, Inc has transformed from a small local company to renowned international company in the last 58 years.

Besides employing new procedures in manufacturing their products, the company also makes sure the specific requirements of customers are fulfilled. The satisfaction of the customers has always topped their priority list. The Joseph Gartland, Inc products have the ability of solving the individual problems of customers. The success of Joseph Gartland, Inc has not prevented them from trying harder to please their customers. The company believes that their fame and respect in the car wash industry is as great as their last service. Joseph Gartland, Inc is the biggest distributor of safety and janitorial supplies, rags, spill products, towels and wipers in the northeastern part of the U.S.