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Jim Coleman Company

For an entire range of car wash equipment, Jim Coleman Company is the place to be. For the last 40 years, Jim Coleman Company has been dominating the car wash company. This company updates its collection of car wash equipments every year to include the latest technologies. New lines of products are introduced to cater to the ever-increasing needs of car wash operators. They believe in supplying high quality products that can maximize the income of the client and minimize his investment.

The concept of car washing has changed in the last couple of decades. Previously car wash consisted of high pressure wash and a subsequent vacuum rinse in the interior of the car. Now, the car washing operation includes a wide range of services that take complete care of the car and also boost the income of the operators.

Some of the prominent Jim Coleman Company products include stainless steel vacuum base, hot foam shampoo or vacuum fragrance combination units, bay marketing meters, electronic vending islands and so on. Car wash operators can also avail graphics and property bay signs. To make the car wash more efficient, the Water Wizard 2.0 in bay touch free automatic service is provided. It ensures complete high pressure washing and scrubbing.