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J.E. Adams

J. E. Adams is the best place to go for car wash equipment and vacuums. A wide range of self service car wash equipments, coin operated combination vacuum units, water and air machines and vacuum detailing islands are available. For more than three decades J. E. Adams has been serving the car wash industry with their high quality products. J. E. Adams is known for the longevity of their products. The vacuums of J. E. Adams are known for the fastest paybacks.

J. E. Adams has more than 100,000 vacuum installations under their belt and this bears testimony to the popularity of their vacuum systems. This company has made a name in manufacturing the widest variety of car wash products. For over 30 years, J. E. Adams has been leading the car wash and high pressure industry. They constantly work for better quality products and latest technologies to keep their clients satisfied. The satisfaction of the customers is enhanced by quick deliveries and affordable prices.

What makes the products of J. E. Adams products flawless is that their Machinery Department uses a comprehensive way of inspection at every step of production. The inspection is documented and all progress and issues are noted down. The defect-free rate of the thousands of products manufactured every month ensures the happiness of the clients.