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Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand is a globally renowned industrial company of $13 billion. With more than 100 years’ experience in innovative technologies, this company aids people in taking a step forward in day to day life. The services and products of Ingersoll Rand are extended to every walk of life, helping the world to grow in the car wash equipment.

The company had a heavy machinery and capital -intense profile previously, but today it has diversified into a multibrand commercial company. The products and services of Ingersoll Rand are meant for domestic and commercial properties, perishables and food, transports and buildings. Some of the commercial and industrial brands associated with Ingersoll Rand are Trane air conditioning systems and services, Club Car golf cars, Schlage locks and Ingersoll Rand industrial equipments.

Ingersoll Rand provides a complete range of vehicle accessories and tools. Vehicle kits and car wash equipments are in heavy demand and Ingersoll Rand has been catering to it. The company offers a wide variety of products like humidifiers, evaporator coils, hybrid auxiliary idle reduction and temperate management system, heat pumps, insulated thermal panels, wireless security systems, transportation vehicles and many more. The alphabetically enlisted set of products and services help the customers in making the right selection.