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Founded in the late 1980s, Innovative Control Systems, Inc. Car Wash and Tunnel Master is the leading producer of tunnel controller and management systems. In 1988 the company started manufacturing DOS based Tunnel Master, when it felt the need for a completely computerized management system. Tunnel Master, the DOS based car wash management system made its national debut in 1991 in the car wash equipment.

1994 witnessed the introduction of the Tunnel Master for Windows, the first of its kind. It also included the fully integrated point of sale function. Based in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, is the proud owner of the Tunnel Master for Windows Car Wash Management System Version 4.0. This third generation car wash management system is armed with point of sale and controller system. It is flexible, user friendly and operates at an impressive speed. Innovative Control Systems, Inc. has set the trend for a new method in car washing.

The Tunnel Master for Windows features the Windows 2000 Operating System and is powered by Intel Pentium Processor. It is a reliable way of optimizing the car wash function. Users can improve the performance besides making profits from the use of car wash equipments.

Innovative Control Systems, Inc. has made it possible to see all the necessary reports of the car wash at a glance on the screen through the use of Tunnel Master.