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Hydro Systems

Hydro Systems is known for being the largest independent producer of dispensing or proportioning equipments for automobiles, commercial cleaning, food service, industrial, janitorial and institutional markets.

Founded in 1963 in Cincinnati, Hydro Systems intended to produce pressure washers. The company shifted gears in 1983 and started manufacturing dispensing and proportioning systems. Chemical manufacturers buy the items of Hydro Systems and included in it their packages of chemical management systems. The end users of the products of Hydro Systems can access to the company’s products through chemical distributors and suppliers.

Hydro Systems has extended its market and made its products and services available to European clients with its United Kingdom branch. Its services can also be availed Latin America, Shanghai, Australia and Brazil.

State-of-the-art technology is used by Hydro Systems in manufacturing their products. Venturi technology is applied in most of the products for mixing water and chemicals. The speed of the incoming and outgoing water is regulated to create a vacuum. The chemical is sucked into the vacuum before it gets mixed.

While manufacturing their products, Hydro Systems ensure that the car wash equipment and proportioning equipments are eco friendly. The company uses hygienic work conditions and also makes sure that the employees work in safe environments.