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Hamilton Manufacturing Corp.

Hamilton Manufacturing Corp. was formerly called Hamilton Scale Corp. and it was launched in the year 1921. Hamilton Manufacturing Corp. is a privately held organization and it manufactured weighing scales which are penny-operated and vending machines of postage stamp when it was founded. Later Hamilton Manufacturing Corp. began making car wash equipment for self-service vehicle wash market. Today, it provides the change machines and the auto cashiers which are part of the vehicle wash systems and the parking industry too. Hamilton Manufacturing Corp. also manufactures coin changers and is able to meet the increasing need for the superior coin changing machines.

Hamilton Manufacturing Corp. has also been the original producer of the pay stations which are an integral part of automatic vehicle wash systems. At present the company has been able to earn the reputation of a national as well as international maker of the currency changers in the industry. The company has always strived to come up with unique and latest products and its Tokenotes are an example of a handy marketing tool. With its quality services and its products Hamilton Manufacturing Corp. is able to successfully meet the needs of its customers and enjoys a long term relationship with them.