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Fragra Matics

Fragramatics provides a wide range of quality products for car care and all of them are designed to increase revenue as well as generate profits. From 1978, ground-breaking and quality car wash equipment has been produced by Fragmatics. It has supported these products with a consistent dedication to the customer service. This focal point has contributed in shaping the reputation of Fragmatics which is that of a market leader in the arena of self-service vehicle care equipment as well as supplies. With their products the customers never have a reason to complain.

Among the well known brands of Fragmatics are the units of its vacuum combination, packages of vacuum island, pedestal mount aroma plus shampoo dispensers. Then there is the complete service dispenser of fragrance and their liquid products which represent the bulk of the broad range available in the market. The mission of this company is to manufacture high quality products as well as equipment and keep up with the latest technologies. Therefore, Fragramatics makes every effort to supply the car wash industry with original and novel ways to boost profits. By producing all that is sold, this company makes sure that the best of its products are available in the market.