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Extrutech Plastics, Inc.

Extrutech Plastics Inc. was founded in the year 1991 and amongst its range of products for varied industries is car wash equipment. Extrutech Plastics Inc. provides panels as well as doors for the car wash systems which will make it stand out. This company manufactures the standard as well as custom products of extruded plastic. The extruded profiles of Extrutech Plastics Inc. are moisture impermeable and feature impact. They are also resilient to rust, warp as well as mildew. To produce panels used as wall and ceiling liners for the car wash systems Extrutech Plastics Inc. uses PVC. All these panels have a design which is tongue-groove and it also has nailing fin on 1 side which results in their fast and trouble-free installation without any exposed fasteners.

For any car wash system venture Extrutech Plastics is able to take an idea from its initial blueprint stage through the tooling production to part approval and then finally to the full-size profile production. Extrutech's employees can even operate in the company of your staff so as to contrive an exact profile that fits the requirements of your company. Extrutech uses latest technology and exercises quality control to deliver premium services to its customers.