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Erie is a company which manufactures car wash equipment and it began its operation in the year 1948. Erie has a massive stock of raw materials which are of the highest quality and it stresses on the excellent value as well as its dedication to superiority in each and every stage of its operation.

With all these Erie is capable of manufacturing the best brushes required in car wash equipment and this in turn will assist you foster your business. Through its extensive manufacturing as well as distribution capabilities, this company is capable of complying with all kinds of brush requirements be it large or even small. Its brushes come in different sizes and shapes. They have various fills and are made of different materials and mountings.

Erie is a name which has always been tantamount with quality, originality as well as with value. This company has been acknowledged as an all time specialist when it comes to the vehicle washing. Over the years Erie has developed so as to incorporate different products which vary from car to bus and from truck and train to aircraft washing. In fact the company has always been very innovative and it has even customized its products in accordance with the needs of its customers.