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Prestige car wash equipment is devoted to supplying varied services of systems of car wash .When you opt for car wash equipments of this company for the system of your vehicle wash, then you can be assured that we at Prestige will go along with you all the way through the entire course.

From the time you begin to plan out a vehicle wash system until you construct it we support you with our expertise. We also offer training to personnel for the effective operation of our vehicle wash equipment. Prestige provides full support and it also aids you with each type of repair which may be necessary at some stage in the coming years. Besides, Prestige also comprises an up to date training centre for the convenience of its customers.

Econocraft Worldwide Mfg. Inc delivers equipments of car wash equipment of top quality. Indeed Econocraft is undoubtedly a largely unsurpassed as well as durable vehicle wash system. Econocraft has supplied car wash gear from 1970’s which is superior quality, automated, reasonably priced and it is low maintenance.

The company renovates its equipment continually for compatibility with latest vehicles. At Econocraft there is always customization of equipment for its adaptability in varied vehicle wash milieu.