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DRB Systems, Inc.

DRB Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of computer solutions for industries such as car wash as well as quick lube. Launched in the year, 1984 DRB Systems Inc. has customers all around the world today. The POS or point of sale of DRB Systems Inc. provides reliability promotion, tracking of customers, control of ticket book and prepaid cards along with automated recharge module.

The company’s moveable touch-screen terminals, the Xpress Pay style terminals as well as the cash registers which are touch-screen assist in the increment of car counts which in turn enhances the revenue for every car and results in reduction of labor. DRB Systems Inc. sells the "turnkey" systems which consist of comprehensive package of the outside hardware plus proprietary software build up by the company.

Some of the largest chains of car wash are loyal customers of this company along with as many as 18 out of the 25 ex-presidents of ICA or International Carwash Association. Then there are sites which are single independent, sites of carwash-only as well as the “multi-profit centers”. This is indicative of the reputation of DRB Systems Inc.’s car wash equipment which are bought by customers standing for varied sectors of the industry of car wash systems