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From 1981, Dosmatic is targeting all of its efforts towards the creation of the finest in the field of the fluid-driven and non-electric relative injection technology. The optional or non-compulsory characteristics of products manufactured by its rivals are the customary components of car wash equipment of Dosmatic.

By thoroughly probing the market as well as paying attention to the customers’ requirements, Dosmatic has been a leader in the arena of innovative technology plus solution development. The company has contrived a proprietary compound material which is typical for its injectors. Dosmatic has even produced a body plan along with one distinct mixing chamber and it delivers the most comprehensive line of the injector models in car wash systems.

It is not shocking therefore, that the company has been awarded a good number of patents in the industry. From the beginning, the mission of this company has always been to invent, produce as well as supply only the top level quality car care equipments, and to provide the supreme level of expertise and service in the industry. Dosmatic aims to carry on with the process of developing new products as well as solutions for its global partners and also its customers.