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From the creation of the first Dosatron in the year 1974, the company has been a pioneer in the field of dosing technology which is water powered. Interestingly in the car was equipment industry, Dosatron happens to be the first manufacturer of a dosing pump which is water powered. At present, in more than twenty countries around the word Dosatron produces and markets a whole line of chemical injectors. From the purposes of horticulture fertilization to the chemical applications in vehicle wash systems; these injectors can be used for a various purposes. The company’s panel installations assist in the organization of the equipment room which in turn helps to lessen chemical leaks as well as maintenance costs.

Dosatron had been instituted on the ideals of innovation as well as invention. Therefore, these concepts remain as the core principles of this car wash equipment company. Fresh chemical management trials arise each day and along with Dosatron’s cutting-edge attitude and devotion to enhanced engineering the company is prepared to inject the future chemicals in the present day. Dosatron’s full range of proportional plus water-powered chemical injectors enable its customers to lessen expenditure on the chemicals, energy as well as water utilization while delivering top quality results.