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Diamond Shine has been the leading and the best resource for ground-breaking solutions in the car wash industry. Diamond Shine is a car wash equipment company which brings more than forty years of skill as well as expertise to every product and to each one of its customers. Diamond Shine is headquartered in the Wickliffe region of Ohio and it is a manufacturer of a wide range of cleansing, drying and conditioning agents along with application and domain equipment of the car wash industry. Diamond Shine is committed to deliver state-of-the-art cleansing solutions and also the materials which are crafted to improve and enhance the performance of the car wash system business.

Pulling off excellent results in car wash systems has been made simple with the cost beneficial products of Diamond Shine. The company supplies more than 75 products which are meant for various applications of car wash such as the full serve, the self-serve as well as the high-pressure automated systems. Each product of Diamond Shine has been manufactured, approved and also tested in the company’s onsite laboratory. By building its expertise of more than 40 years within all its products the company has been able to provide equipment which has top performance standards and is thus able to surpass customers’ expectations.