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D & S Car Wash Systems

Since 1972, D&S Car Wash Systems happens to be a leading manufacturer of systems of car wash which are all-welded and made with stainless steel. D&S Car Wash Systems delivers a full range of packages of car wash equipment. These packages are inclusive of almost everything one would need in order to start as well as manage any licensed state-of-the-art vehicle care center. The mission of D&S Car Wash Systems is to comply with all needs of the customers pertaining to all kinds of equipment in the vehicle wash industry. To accomplish this simple mission the company does all that it is capable of to satisfy the customers’ expectations for the service, worth and quality of the products.

The company goes all-out to earn its customers’ continuing reliability by working towards providing more than what has been promised by being truthful and reasonable to the customers. After taking note of their needs and requirements the company develops car wash systems as well as equipment that are at par with the industry standards and superior in terms of quality and the performance. As a result, the reputation of D&S Car Wash Systems and its experience is unparalleled for the quality and the reliability of its products.