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Cul-Mac Industries Inc.

Cul-Mac Industries, Inc. had established its operations in the year 1981 by making the washer solvent for windshield, the gas line as well as antifreeze for Recreational Vehicle. Within a short span Cul-Mac Industries, Inc. has grown to be a leading producer of automotive chemicals. They supply a whole line of cleansing chemicals which are an integral part of car wash equipment in the car wash industry; therefore the company ensures that their quality is not compromised. In addition to vehicle cleaning chemicals

Cul-Mac Industries Inc. has expanded and it also manufactures chemicals for swimming pool as well as label cleaning to few of the largest corporations in America.

Ever since it began to operate, Cul-Mac Industries Inc. has always gone beyond the demands of its customers by providing then with products of the highest quality and that too at an excellent value. In addition to providing the best customer service this company enjoys a very convenient location too. It is situated towards north of the Detroit Metropolitan Airport. Occupying an area of more than a hundred and nineteen thousand square feet for both mixed manufacturing as well as warehousing, the company is committed to supplying the best vehicle cleaning chemicals in the car wash industry.