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Cat Pumps

Since 1968, CAT PUMPS has been manufacturing three types of pumps which are a part of car wash equipment. These are plunger pumps, high-pressure pumps and triplex piston pumps. CAT PUMPS is dedicated to supply industrial pumps which are dependable and require low maintenance. The company’s pumps are known for their continuous duty and long-life. In the carwash applications which are generally high pressure and require constant duty, the pumps which have corrosion proof liquid-ends as well as hardwearing drive-ends are a must. And CAT PUMPS’ pumps have all these characteristics. The piston as well plunger pumps of CAT PUMPS with their triplex design provide a flow which is smooth and low pulsation.

The company has a worldwide network of distributors for availing its triplex piston as well as plunger pumps to the operators. At the companies’ branch offices, wide-ranging inventories as well as technical assistance are available too. CAT PUMPS are the leading choice when it comes to equipments required in car wash systems primarily because the are the most durable pumps, so much so that their triplex pumps are reputed to have as many as Nine Lives. With over 4 decades of experience CAT PUMPS has come a long way and it has lived up to its reputation.