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Blue-White Industries

From 1957, the Blue-White Industries have been leaders in the manufacturing of car wash equipments. These include diaphragm and peristaltic metering pumps, the variable-area, paddlewheel and ultrasonic flowmeters and various accessories meant for water treatment. In the car wash industry, the products of Blue-White Industries like soap or wax injectors, the flowmeters and other accessories are utilized. Blue-White Industries

has its corporate headquarters as well manufacturing facility situated in Huntington Beach of California. At the pump department of Blue-White Industries each pump is tested before its shipping takes place. Also, this company has the latest facility for flowmeter calibration which is computer enhanced.

The innovations of Blue-White Industries in the field of producing car wash equipments have been recognized. For their invention of 3 novel Peristaltic Pumps they have been awarded with the status of Patent Pending. The chemical type metering pumps, the flowmeters as well as accessories manufactured by this company do not have utility only in the industry of car wash system but they provide solutions for a number of varied industries such as in irrigation, greenhouse, livestock or agriculture, in municipalities and in water treatment and so on. Thus, over the year the company has been committed to supplying products of the highest quality.