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Since the year 1969, the car wash equipment company Belanger, Inc. has been in the business of manufacturing high quality systems of car wash. Today, Belanger is respected as one of the leaders in so far as the production of car wash equipment is concerned. In fact, this company was the first one to have designed equipment exclusively for the cloth or fabric car washes. At present Belanger provides an extensive range of car wash systems which are world class. The products and the components of Belanger have been
supplying the highest value, performance along with investment opportunity to its customers.

Belanger has a broad range of products. These include the drive through and the conveyor tunnels, products as well as systems for car wash. Besides, there are friction rollovers and the automated touch-free washes for the cars, trucks and buses. All our systems of vehicle wash are meant to deliver the best cleaning performance and they are dependable in their operation. With their user-friendly functionality and unparalleled product durability Belanger car wash equipments ensure that the business owners do not have to incur additional revenue on the repairs as well as replacement once they have opted for Belanger’s services.