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Automatic Vehicle Wash

Since 1973, Automatic Vehicle Wash Equipment Company is a manufacturer of car wash equipment and it focuses on conveyor tunnels of stainless steel. What sets Automatic Vehicle Wash apart in the industry is its dedication for developing and crafting systems of car wash which are simple and at the same time very effective too. This is in line with the company’s motto- "Simplicity in Motion - Motion That Works". Automatic Vehicle Wash manufactures car wash equipment which is dependable, sturdy as well as efficient. This results in unswervingly clean and dry cars for the operators of car wash systems.

Automatic Vehicle Wash has equipment ranging from the compact washes to the large tunnels. Through our components as well as packages we assist car wash systems to accomplish definitive cleaning potential. For supporting our clientele we offer the best network of distributors, technical support along will a full line of unique replacement parts to them. Also, with Automatic Vehicle Wash’s car wash equipment you can be assured of availing higher productivity requiring low maintenance. The company provides 3 customary tunnel configurations which are of highest quality. Over the years the company has acquired a favorable reputation owing to its quality products.