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Auto Vac was incorporated in the year 1989 in order to supply central vacuums which are a component of car wash equipment. From relatively modest beginnings two decades back, this company has emerged as world-class manufacturer and it meets vacuum supplies of innumerable car wash systems. Generally the systems of central vacuum of Auto Vac are found in car care systems apart from aerospace, production, handling of materials and so on. A number of companies depend on Auto Vac because of their proficiency as well as their high quality products.

With the intention of ensuring superior value and affordability of products the company has taken upon itself to manufacture almost all of its components by itself. By doing this, Auto Vac enjoys the freedom of discovering and developing innovative technologies right from this conceptualizing to the production and that too with great pace. The company is dedicated to assist its clients in the conservation of energy, improvement of efficiency and enhancement in productivity. And for this, it has come up with a new range of central vacuum system called “smart”, which is very energy-efficient as well as environmentally friendly. Thus, by blending latest technology with years of experience in the arena of centrifugal vacuums, Auto Vac has earned the repute of an originator of the best central vacuum systems.