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Autec Car Wash Systems

From 1981, Autec Car Wash Systems have been supplying car wash equipment whose quality is absolutely unparalleled in the industry. That’s not all. With Autec Car Wash Systems you can be assured of the durability of the car wash systems and these enable operation which is free of hassles and less complicated. At present the company has incorporated its years of experience into 3 broad categories of systems for car wash. They are
1. Touch-free car wash system
2. Soft touch – friction car wash system and
3. Combination types wash system for vehicles (which has the traits of both the technologies).

Autec Car Wash Systems provides impeccable cleaning performances and these are driven towards customer satisfaction. Autec Car Wash Systems have consistent performance for results which are outstanding and bear testimony to the company’s professional reputation. This is coupled with the least cost of operation in the arena of car wash business or industry. All these have contributed towards the company’s growth from a hatchling to a firm of millions of dollars. Its original place of operation was the basement of its founder. But today Autec’s office occupies more than one lac three thousand square feet in North Carolina’s Statesville area.